Behind All Eyes Need Art I’m Fabíola Prado, a Brazilian Photographer and Art Director living in Paris, France, specialized in portrait, fashion, art, travel and shootings full of love and attitude.

After working for several years as photojournalist in conflict and post-conflict zones, including with UN, I had the opportunity to know more about life’s and people’s essence, I feel fulfilled to continue this mission: eternalize the other sides of life full of sensibility wherever I go (Paris, Europe or any other place in the world if you want it!).

Having experience as a Photographer, Journalist, Fashion Design, Content Creator and – almost – as an Art Historian at the École du Louvre, in Paris, and being passionate about arts and adventures, people and their feelings, I will register, portray and sometimes create each moment and sensation, so that they can be eternal.

Please contact me to talk about what you want and like. I’m sure, first of all, the conversation will be great!

Profile photo: Joao Costa